Terence Lee, Digital Creator

Professional & photojournalist, author/copywriter, artist

This is Terence Lee

Your digital (content) creator

Hi, I’m Terence Lee, professional & photojournalist, author and artist from Münster. Currently I live and work in Ibbenbüren. As an experienced digital (content) creator, I am not only a media artist, but have mastered other useful skills. I am a web designer, WordPress expert, SEO specialist, press/advertising photographer and create film and photo shoots with a drone. Otherwise I’m an almost normal punk with a pink mohawk, like to drink beer, wine and coffee or lie around on the sofa. I am missing a leg and have an implanted ventricular assist device (LVAD) or also called an artificial heart/heart pump and hope to stay here for a long time.

I am the wild mix and still very special. My skills offer many interfaces and together always result in digital creations, of various kinds. They interlock like clockwork. The advantage for you is: I master them all perfectly.

A few years ago, I offered a much more comprehensive service. Little by little, I got rid of the offers that I didn’t enjoy as much or that I could only serve half-heartedly because I lacked the relevant know-how. Therefore, my current skill list is not a coincidence, but a deliberate selection. Each area has something to do with the other. All skills support each other and contribute significantly to the improvement of the other strengths. A great foundation for sophisticated and unconventional digital art that I can help you with.

If you discover something interesting for you in my skill list or if you are simply looking for a photographer, (photo-)journalist or copywriter, just give me a call or write me on WhatsApp. If you are interested in the latest “Terence Lee Bullshit”, follow my social media accounts.

Digital (Content) Creator, Artist

  • Specialist and photo journalist, reports, portraits
  • Author / Web Copywriter / SEO Copywriter / Copywriter
  • Photographer / videographer / drone pilot
  • Songwriter / Singer/Songwriter / Music Producer
  • WordPress / SEO / Social Media
  • Logo designer / Corporate designer

Photo journalist, photographer

  • People & Portraits
  • Photo reports
  • Advertising and product photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Event photography
  • TFP model shoot

Consultant, trainer & lecturer for

  • WordPress CMS / Web Design
  • SEO Management / Social Media
  • Photography and image processing

Some customers.

Million thanks.