Terence Lee, CEO & Business-Punk
Terence Lee, Fotograf & Digital Creator Ibbenbüren
Terence Lee, Fotograf & Digital Creator Ibbenbüren
Terence Lee, Fotograf & Digital Creator Ibbenbüren


Terence Lee, Digital Artist & Journalist

On this page I have the opportunity to briefly introduce myself. You should be able to get an idea of who you are dealing with or who you are dealing with. You already found out on the homepage that I am a punk with pink hair. I’m not that “media fred” who goes around punk because it’s cool or because it wants to get attention. I am just like that. I listen to punk rock and also electronic music, and I like to drink beer and wine on weekends (if it should be elegant). The weekends are sacred to me, only that you already know it. =) As I briefly indicated, my leg was amputated. That was a long time ago and it doesn’t really cause me any problems. In 2015, however, after myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), I was implanted with a cardiac support system (LVAD), also known as an “artificial heart”. Unfortunately, this often leads to ups and downs in health. Just in case, there is a backup agency for you that will pick up where I left off. Such an LVAD is a really weird construction and I live with many risks that a healthy person would not have. But if you look at it soberly (usually within the week), then only one thing counts: I’m still here . I can’t bring myself to have a heart transplant yet. I’m scared and have to quit smoking entirely. Of course you don’t deal with your body like me, but “Hey” … I told you – I’m punk and mental health also creates physical health. A clever professor once said: “You shouldn’t always look to the patient to blame.”

I have been a digital artist since 2003. Combined with my journalistic work as a press photographer/photo reporter, I am professionally free and happy all around. I will share this happiness with you. Take a look at ” My Career ” and see for yourself what I’ve done in the past.

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My career.

Learned from the masters.

Social & Healthcare, PsychologyStudied "Social and Health Care" with a focus on: Psychology, Social Marketing and Anthropology at a PRIVATE UNIVERSITY.1996-1998
Sales and Marketing Manager Five years in marketing management, sales and rhetoric as a freelancer for the DEUTSCHE BANK GROUP. Management of a general agency. Management, motivation and training of employees. Acquisition of new customers.1997-2003
IT specialist for system integrationApprenticeship as IT specialist for system integration. IT, network security, administration and project management in the SIEMENS BUSINESS TRAININGS CENTER. Subsequent training of the trainers according to AEVO. (IHK).2002-2004
Software developer, programmer, communication designAdditional qualifications in the areas of application development, graphic/media design, web design and web programming. C, C#, C+, C++, .NET, Visual Basic, SQL, Oracle, as well as Adobe Photoshop (CS5), Adobe Illustrator (CS5) and Adobe Dreamweaver (CS5), CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP - TRAINING CENTER DÜSSELDORF.2004-2006
Press, product and advertising photographyProduct and advertising photography, artistic graphic design and image processing, retouching, portraits, composing - for national and international companies. Creation of photo reports and press reports.2004-present
Creative Chief Officer (CCO)Founder and director of "OXOONO media - The Design Agency". Communication design, advertising and marketing management. Freelancer for design and marketing projects.2003-2017
Executive PartnerManaging partner of von Wahn UG ​​(limited liability) - design and branding agency, as well as managing director of all business units of von Wahn.2017-present

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