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Why a Digital Creator? Digital Creator vs. Web Designer

Quite simple. Everything I do is somehow interlocked, sometimes even inseparable. Let’s take a simple example: I design you a homepage – and then what? The pages must be found on the Internet. This only works with good search engine optimization. I happen to be an SEO specialist for WordPress websites and a copywriter. A perfect combination, because I have both the technical know-how to prepare the website for search engines and to write meaningful texts that improve the relevance of your website in Google. For a perfect website you need not only informative texts, but also image or video content. As a photographer/videographer, I have the ability to create photos and videos for your website. Among other things, drone footage from the air. Small image videos may not be missing, of course. As a music producer/singer/songwriter, I provide the appropriate jingles or simply entertaining background music. Additionally, I can prepare the content you create for your social media accounts and market it intelligently. If you still haven’t had enough of me, I can also take over your public relations work (PR) as a journalist, write press releases or conduct customer and employee interviews. You are just at the beginning? No problem. For the start I can accompany you and develop your logo, as well as the complete corporate design.

“Discovering opportunities is one thing. Taking advantage of opportunities, the other.” [Terence Lee]
Give my regards to Sweden.

Take advantage of the opportunities!

The scenarios are really diverse and can be combined in any way. Our cooperation could also find a completely different start. For example, you are looking for a photographer for commissioned work at corporate events, an advertising or product photographer, a specialist journalist for your magazine or the editorial staff of a newspaper. Whatever is on your mind, ask the punk, he’ll organize it.

Following again an overview, about all that I can do for you.

Digital Creations

Take advantage of the opportunities.

Digital Content Creations

  • Specialist and photo journalist, reports, portraitsMember of the bdfj (Federal Association of Specialist & Photo Journalists)
  • Author / Web Copywriter / SEO Copywriter / CopywriterFreelancer/journalist at COTHINKER - publisher's & editorial office
  • Photographer / videographer / drone pilotMobile studio, Nikon professional equipment, DJI drone with LBA approval
  • Songwriter / Singer/Songwriter / Music ProducerMobile recording studio with professional software
  • WordPress / SEO / Social MediaExpert and specialist in WordPress & SEO
  • Logo designer / corporate designerAdobe Creative Cloud, Skylum, DJI Fly

Some customers.

Million thanks.