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Sometimes I am happy to make someone happy with a gift. Here you will find current services from the areas of web design, multimedia, photo shoots and music production. My small gifts are intended for interested private persons without commercial interests, non-profit associations, people with disabilities and for all kinds of animal aid. Whether I can give you a gift essentially depends on the time I have available and sometimes also on your physical distance from me. In addition, your project must address and / or touch me. I can only offer free work outside of my working hours and within a radius of 30km. I also like to help in a larger area, but then I should at least have the travel expenses reimbursed. With free web design help, the distance is irrelevant. Call me or write to me. We’ll just talk about your ideas.

Web, media, sound

Free for you

Web design for free

  • Free web designfor animal shelters/animal aid etc.
  • Free web designfor animal liberation or similar

for free

Regionally independent

Photo shoots for free

  • Free Photo Shoots (TFP)Portraits and reports
  • Free Animal Photo Shootsfor animal shelters/animal aid etc.

for free

within 30km

Music production

  • No free offersMaybe soon

for free

Regionally independent

Some customers.

Million thanks.