Terence Lee, Fotograf & Digital Creator Ibbenbüren

Journalist & Author
from Ibbenbüren, born in Münster

Research and publication in words and pictures

As a freelance specialist and photo journalist (member of the bdfj – Bundesverband der Fachjournalisten e. V.), I take on journalistic commissioned work (also as a press photographer) for editorial offices and agencies. I collect information, evaluate it and use it to create written or audiovisual contributions for radio, television, print and online media. I conduct interviews, produce photo and video reports and create short videos for social media channels. I also write texts of all kinds. Some of my work will be published on the “COTHINKER magazine” website shortly.

I am currently working on various book projects. The biggest project at the moment is my own biography, which is also a patient guide. The book is expected to be available in mid-2023. I will inform about it on my website. At the same time I am writing a book for children and adolescent patients. However, this is still in the research stage. For this purpose, I interview children and young people between the ages of 10 and 20 and their parents on the subject of “illness and life in the hospital”. Interested parties are welcome to contact us.

Journalist & Author

For all media

Journalism & Writing

  • Photo reportsPress photos and videos
  • ResearchInformation gathering and evaluation
  • InterviewsSurvey and evaluation
  • Press textsWriting press texts and reports
  • TextsBooks, web content/blog posts, free writing

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