Terence Lee, Multimedia Designer

Graphic, photo, video

Multimedia design

Sometimes a business is and remains invisible. If you don’t feel like customers anyway or if you prefer to be inconspicuous, you can stop reading at this point. If you want to become or stay visible, use my expertise in multimedia design. As a graphic designer, I create or improve your logo and corporate design. As a digital content creator, I also create media content for your website and your social media accounts. With good storytelling, with photos and videos, you will be able to maintain your position in the market over the long term. I put you and your business in the limelight. Use the power of your personal, digital stage. With a professional photo shoot ( people, portrait, report, products ) or video shoot, you can score points with your potential customers. Tell about yourself, your products and explain why they are unique. A message cannot be conveyed more easily and – dissemination is child’s play. Let’s be honest: How many flyers and business cards would you have to hand out if the internet didn’t exist? Countless. It would also cost a lot of time, money and nerves. Digital is beautiful, beautifully simple and almost free. You can also reach people where they are. On the Internet. My tools are good technical equipment and the entire range of Adobe Creative Cloud .


Your content expert.

Corporate Design

  • Logo design and redesign
  • Business card design
  • On/OffScreen media
  • Business Papers/Equipment

€ 2 / min. plus VAT

or package deal

Photo design

  • Photo shooting
  • Shooting directing
  • Image editing/retouching
  • Composing

€ 2 / min. plus VAT

or package deal

Video design

  • video shoot
  • Concept & directing
  • Video editing
  • Composing

€ 2 / min. plus VAT

or package deal

Some customers.

Million thanks.