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Discover my passion for captivating stories

Passionate Journalist and Reporter: As a dedicated journalist and reporter, I have a passion for discovering and capturing compelling stories. I always go into action to experience the most exciting events and developments up close and present them in various formats.

High-quality equipment for impressive shots: With high-quality equipment, consisting of a first-class smartphone, a professional photo and video camera and a drone, I am able to take impressive shots from unique perspectives. This allows me to visually capture the beauty and appeal of each story.

Creative editing with Adobe Creative Cloud: I rely on the powerful tools of the Adobe Creative Cloud for editing and editing my recordings. Programs like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom and Photoshop enable me to edit my content professionally and creatively and to get the best out of my shots.

Visually gripping stories through expertise and tools: With my extensive experience and expertise in using professional software, I can tell visually appealing stories with compelling content. I know how to use the full potential of my recordings and present them with an engaging and engaging style.

As a committed journalist, I always carry out my tasks conscientiously. I strictly adhere to the Press Codex and commit myself to journalistic due diligence. Freedom of the press and the free expression of opinions are important to me. My writing is unbiased, neutral and free from political or religious interests. The texts I write are objective and independent, unless they are explicitly literary works or satire. The same applies to audiovisual journalistic works.

Photo & video reports

  • Portraits of interesting personalities and VIPsI love putting interesting personalities and VIPs in the spotlight. With my portrait photography I capture their unique qualities and tell their inspiring stories with really cool images.
  • Photo reports on topics of everyday life and the regionWith my photo reports I give you an insight into everyday life and the special features of our region. I capture important topics and events in impressive pictures and show you the diversity and beauty of our surroundings.
  • Video reports on topics of everyday life and the regionWith my video reports, I cover a wide range of topics that affect our everyday life and our region. Through moving images and a narrative approach, I present you with stories that touch, inform and entertain.
  • Interviews - Authentic face-to-face conversationsI've got the hang of it when it comes to conducting face-to-face interviews. I give my interviewees space to express their thoughts and perspectives in detail, and I bring their voices to bear in my contributions.
  • Reporting on current events and issuesAs a journalist, I am always up to date and report extensively on events and issues that affect our society. Thanks to me, you will always be up to date and will receive well-founded reports and background information.
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COTHINKER magazine is a newly established online youth culture magazine led by Terence Lee, an experienced journalist and editor. The magazine offers captivating journalistic articles, impressive photo and video reports, and inspiring content on a variety of topics such as music, art, fashion, technology, and sports. Serving as a platform for the voices and ideas of young people, COTHINKER aims to discover and promote young talents. Visit the website to explore the latest content and experience the diversity of youth culture. Contact Terence Lee for further information and press inquiries.